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From the Northern Rivers to Tropic North Queensland. Angel loop is the association for organized Angel Investing in Queensland. Angel Groups working together, Sharing opportunities for the broader benefit of their local communities.

Welcome to Angel Loop

The Loop

The smart money. Bringing together not just early-stage capital but local connections, management expertise, legal, accounting and HR support to ensure that our businesses of the future take root and thrive. Closing the loop on innovation and commercialisation to ensure strong economic outcomes for our local communities.


Angel Investors are people who care about their community and ensuring that there is an economic future for them. Giving first, by backing and supporting the local lighthouse businesses of the future when they most need it, early on. By working together, the angel communities in the loop support each other and as a reward they may receive a collective financial benefit.


The secret to success in the early stages of business is know-how, connections and smart money. The loop helps support local entrepreneurs by connecting them to people in the community who are not only looking to invest but have a desire to support entrepreneurs to ensure their businesses will be successful. The ultimate aim for the investor is that someday the entrepreneur will become an angel investor themselves and give back by invest alongside them.

Why Angel Loop

Angel Loop provides the necessary support services to ensure the success of our member angel groups. We provide services including facilitating a co-operative and collegiate approach to early-stage investment by sharing knowledge and investment opportunities. Angel Loop promotes responsible Angel Investment for its members through education. Assisting members of the family understand the risks associated with “Angel Class” investing and assisting our members to better identify and curate opportunities.

Our Community Members

A community of experienced Angel Investors from a diverse range of backgrounds willing to share experiences and remove the myths surrounding Angel Investing.

We’ve teamed up with Law Squared to develop a Term Sheet for startup founders

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